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Cooperation with Krago – middle ground benefits!

We love all our customers and we will not agree to leave them to the mercy of fate, depriving them of the opportunity to buy stylish bow ties, and other accessories from our online store. But this does not mean that we are not ready for other forms of cooperation. If you want to sell our accessories or use them as a detail of your employees’ uniforms, we are ready to sell you our ties in bulk.

Ties in bulk – who needs it at all?

Perhaps you will be very surprised to learn that we have many bulk orders. Firstly, many shops all over the world are pleased to decorate their counters with our luxurious accessories, thus attracting new customers. Secondly, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hotel complexes and other organizations gladly order stylish ties in bulk to complement the uniform of their employees and increase the prestige of the establishments. Thus, accessories from Krago at a small price is the key to great business success.

What are the advantages of cooperation with the store of Krago

We are ready to offer all our customers:

  • Large assortment range;
  • Individual orders,quality goods made of American materials;
  • Official manufacturer warranty;
  • Fastest delivery ever;
  • Flexible payment system;
  • Favorable conditions for long-term partners.

Krago Internet store is known not only for the high quality of its products, but also for its excellent service. We are happy to review all your proposals and we will meet them, having determined the most favorable conditions for further cooperation. Use the form below to contact us and discuss all the details you are interested in

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